4 Types of Online Baccarat

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Baccarat is one of the easiest game in casinos. Not many know this, but there are actually some variations of this simple game. What are they and what are the differences? Educate yourself and learn the four types of online baccarat below.

4 Types of Online Baccarat

4 Types of Online Baccarat

4 Types of Online Baccarat

  • American Baccarat

American Baccarat is the type of Baccarat people know worldwide. Both hands are dealt by the dealer (sometimes called croupier in certain regions) and every bettor can choose to bet on either hand or a tie. The goal is to get card value close to nine. When a hand gets nine as total value, it’s called ‘natural’ and no more cards will be dealt. Since nine is the highest value, a hand with higher values have to be reduced by nine (for example, if a hand has 16 in total, the value will be seven because 16-9=7).

  • Chemin de Fer

Chemin de Fer, or ‘rail road’ in English, is a Baccarat variation from French. This game can be found in French casinos, though some European casinos also have them. The goal and rules of the game is just the same as normal Baccarat. However, instead of betting between player and banker hand alone, bettors have to play player hand while the dealer acts as the banker. After a bettor does their bet, the shoe moves counter-clockwise, creating the name ‘rail road’. Interestingly, players can choose to draw the third card or stand on five.

  • Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is another variation of the Standard Baccarat. Originally, Baccarat players have to dress formally because the game came from ‘royal’ lineage. This game was intended for players who can’t or don’t like to dress formally to inland casino. In online casino, however, bettors don’t have to care about how they dress.

What’s different about Mini Baccarat is the dealer and game time. In Standard Baccarat, a session required three dealers to go. Mini Baccarat only use one dealer, and the dealer works both player and banker hand. In addition, this game is much faster than its traditional version. While the odds are much lower than the original, the pace is very fast. This game is considered one of the fastest game in casino, second to slot games. There at least 100 choices bettors have to make in a gaming session. So, while it’s more casual and easier to play, bettors can easily lose on a drastic rate.

  • Single Deck Baccarat

Standard Baccarat uses six or eight decks each session. However, online casinos such as Microgaming offer Single Deck Baccarat. The rules of online baccarat game and goal is just the same, but the game only use a single deck each session. This game is perfect for players who like short gaming time without any rush.

There is not much difference of rules between these types of online baccarat. However, there are still pros and cons from each type. Now that you can identify them, pick one that suits your playing style. Who knows – perhaps with the right type of game, your luck will grow better.