5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sic Bo Game

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Sic Bo is one of the classic selection of table games in casinos. Popular in Asia, this game is starting to gain more popularity worldwide through online betting. For those who wanted to this best gambling game at Malaysia casino, get to know these 5 things you didn’t know about Sic Bo game below.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sic Bo Game

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sic Bo Game

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sic Bo Game

  • It Got Several Names

International players mostly only known this game as ‘Sic Bo’ and would only call it by that name. However, there are two common names to call Sic Bo, which are Dai Sui and Tai Sai. Those names themselves means ‘High-Low’, simpler compared to Sic Bo’s ‘Precious Dice’. Bonus fact: The shaker in Sic Bo is traditionally called ‘chest’.

  • The Gameplay is Really Simple (And Possibly the Worst)

Sic Bo falls through the underrated category of casino games. The rules are actually one of the simplest among table games. Bettors can bet as much as they wanted, and the results will reveal after the dices are shaken. Unfortunately, simpler games have the worst prospects when it comes to odds. Since Sic Bo runs on pure luck, it’s almost impossible to be sure about your bets. Therefore, this game isn’t the best choice for gamblers that looks for fluid wins.

  • Sic Bo is More Similar to Roulette Than Craps

Both Craps and Sic Bo uses dices, so it’s easy to see how people correlate the two. However, based on its gameplay, Sic Bo is actually much closer to Roulette. Check this out:

  • Both games played on pure luck and the results are completely random
  • There is no handicap whatsoever (except for the one which is paid for it)
  • The betting table ranges from big coverage to specific ones

Now that we see the similarities, we can conclude that Sic Bo can be played using similar strategies to Roulette. For example, always including big coverage bets like high/low will ensure win in Sic Bo as much as in Roulette.

  • Online Sic Bo Doesn’t Have Low Bet Limit

Another ground-breaking news: Online Sic Bo doesn’t have any low bet limit! There’s still the high limit, which means bettors still have limitation on betting. However, this fact at least gives freedom to all bettors to bet as small as the want. The good news is that betting small allows bettors to conserve their betting money while securing themselves from drastic loss.

  • Looking for a Challenge? Try Super Colored Sic Bo

Meet Sic Bo’s crazy brother; Super Colored Sic Bo. This game used 12 side dices instead of six, bloating the result possibility ever wider. It’s even more challenging because the small/big and odd/even bets don’t count triples, limiting player’s chance to win. However, if bettor win a triple, they will get payout up to hundreds.

So, are you getting a hang on the things you didn’t know about Sic Bo game? Knowing a few things about a game can make it more interesting. Maybe all of this info looks like simple trivia, but who knows – perhaps you can use this knowledge to your advantage someday.