Great Blue Slot a Playtech Title with Good RTP

Posted on / Anna Jensen

As the great online casino game developer, Playtech is very committed to the players’ happiness by providing a huge number of great products. Among all of the products offered, still, Slot games are very popular. If you haven’t heard of Great Blue Slot a Playtech title with good RTP, keep reading to find out!

Great Blue Slot a Playtech Title with Good RTP

Great Blue Slot a Playtech Title with Good RTP

Great Blue Slot a Playtech Title with Good RTP

Game Features

Similar to its name, Great Blue Slot offers you with great features with great payout that you will get. This game is actually a video slot with several symbols, like seahorse, sharks, starfish, and several alphabet and numerical symbols. This video Slot game has 5 reels to play with and 25 paylines to bet on and you will need to place 1 to 10 coins per line with the coin size for 0.01 to 5.

The game has amazing underwater graphics and sound effects that will make you “drown” in playing the game itself. In this game you will find a Wild and the Scatter symbol, and if you are able to combine them, you will be able to play the Bonus Game. In the Bonus Game you can get multipliers for up to 15X and you can get free spins for up to 33. If you are lucky enough to trigger this Bonus Game, you will have a greater chance to win lots of money.

Great Blue RTP

Before going to the Great Blue Slot RTP, you need to know what RTP is. The RTP here stands for Return to Players that is the amount of money that you will get from the Slot machine after it has been played in a certain period of time. The RTP here will also show the house edge that you need to pay later on. Take for example the Slot game you are playing with has 90% RTP, then the rest 10% here will be the house edge.

The highest jackpot that you can get in playing this Great Blue Slot is 10000. This Great Blue Slot game has 94.3% RTP that also means that you need to pay the house for 5.7%. By having this RTP, you can expect to get around £943.00 for every £1.000 bet you make. Then, you need to pay the house for around £57.00.

However, you cannot rely on this RTP only since there are numerous factors that will affect your payout later on. Besides, you need to check the online casino site regulation you are playing this game with since they will have different rules. You do not need to worry since the RTP will be displayed in the game menu, and you surely need to check it before playing the games to know the payout that you will get later on.

After you have known about Great Blue Slot a Playtech title with good RTP, it is surely recommended for you to try it out. Apart from its RTP, this game also has great features that will enrich your gaming experience. To play this game, you can go to the perfect slot betting site, the best casino site in Malaysia.