How to Place a Bet in Online Baccarat Game

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Betting is the main aspects in any online casino game. Online baccarat game may not offer various choice of bet like online blackjack. In playing online baccarat, there are three main bets which are player’s hand, banker’s hand and the tie bet. Furthermore, you can also place side bets while playing online baccarat. However, the side bet is different for each online casino. Let’s get to know about how to place a bet in online baccarat game.

How to Place a Bet in Online Baccarat Game

How to Place a Bet in Online Baccarat Game

How to Place a Bet in Online Baccarat Game

Player and Banker Bet

Basically, there are two sides in playing online baccarat which are the player and the banker. The winner is the side who holds the highest card value. The highest card value in one card is 9 because 10 is worth 0 and the ace counts as 1. In online baccarat, the most popular and reliable bet is the banker bet because of its odds. Banker bet has the lowest house edge which means that it has the most vary betting option in baccarat game. Banker bet has the payout 1:1 but there will be 5% commission from the winning bet. For your information, the commission is different for each online casino but mostly the commission is 5%.

Meanwhile, player bet works differently with banker bet. It may not be as helpful as banker bet but you must consider it while playing online baccarat. Similar to banker bet, player bet also has the payout 1:1. During playing the game, the banker and player get two cards but they may get the third card if they are allowed to.  Then, you can place your bet on the player, banker or tie at the moment. If you are the only player, it is suggested that you place the banker and player bet at the same hand.

Tie Bet

Tie bet means that the player bet on the outcome of between player’s hand and banker’s hand. In online baccarat game, the odds of tie bet is very profitable for the players. However, the house edge of tie bet is very high. It is almost hit the 15%. In other words, the chance of winning is very low and it is mostly only beneficial for the house or casino. Tie bet has the payout of 1:8 or 1:9 that is why tie bet is very tempting and appealing. But still, it does not work that well for the players. According to the statistic, tie bet only happens for every 11 hands.

How to Place It

In any online baccarat game, the player’s hand is the closest bet to the player while the banker’s hand is next to it. Meanwhile, tie bet is the closest to the center of the table. The commission boxes and the chips are placed in front of the dealer. Before playing the game, you should put your bet on the mentioned table area. There’s some rules in playing online baccarat that you might want to check out before you play.

Knowing how to place a bet in online baccarat game is very helpful for baccarat players. As we know, the result of baccarat relies much on the betting choices.