How to Win in Online Baccarat Real Money in Malaysia

Posted on / Anna Jensen

staBaccarat is one of the most famous card games played at Malaysia online casinos. One of the most common asked questions is how to win in online baccarat real money in Malaysia. Truly there are many easy ways like calling it quits when you’re ahead, this means you have money in your pocket and leave as a winner. But what about the other ways to win? Here are my tips to win on this game.

How to win in Online Baccarat Real Money in Malaysia

How to Win in Online Baccarat Real Money in Malaysia

How to Win in Online Baccarat Real Money in Malaysia

Never Place a Bet on Tie

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you’re playing against the house edge. Being aware of this can help you minimize you risk losing and strategize better.

In the game of real money baccarat, the Player has an edge of 1.24% and Banker has 1.06%. This means that approximately 1.06 units per 100 betting units in the Banker and 1.24 betting units in the player are expected to be used. These odds are some of the best edges of the house compared to other online casino games.

In terms of the Tie bets, the house edge could get up to 14.4%, making this the bet with highest risk of losing. So, in making profits at real money baccarat you should avoid betting on Tie.

Banker vs Player Bets

Banker hands seems to win more likely against Player. However, winning on Banker bets comes with 5% commission, which makes this choice a slightly bad idea. Imagine you’ve placed 100 bets on Player hand, it wins you will be paid 200. For the same scenario, a win on the Banker hand will only pay you instead with 195.

Understand the Odds

Online baccarat real money is different from other table games. Before joining and online Malaysia casino, you need to understand the payouts in Baccarat game. Player have an odds of 1:1, while Banker odds differ from casino to casino. Therefore you need to shop for Malaysia online casino, some offer less than 5% and other will have a whopping 25%.

Play Shorter Sessions

Odds are stacked against you in the long run, the longer your baccarat real money game, more likely you will lose. Here’s a trick, keep your game session short just to see the outcome of the game. For example, you’re placing bets on Player hands continuously, you’ll probably win three or five rounds in a row. In the long run, the mathematical probability of the Player hand wins is 44.6%.

Manage Bankroll Wisely

Whether you’re playing online baccarat for entertainment or real money, remember that it’s still a game of chance, which means you can lose. You definitely don’t want to risk all your money losing. Make sure to wisely spend every penny. Only wager the money that you can risk losing, it must be the ones you don’t use to pay bills or other necessities.


Learning how to win in online baccarat real money in Malaysia before joining a table will definitely make your gambling experience better.