New Game Providers at Online Betting Site QQ828

Posted on / Anna Jensen

The online betting and casino gaming website QQ828 has been providing bettors a range of gambling games that they can play for a reasonable price. This year they have been partnered with new game providers at online betting site QQ828. Who are these providers? Are they good? What are they offering? To answer all of those questions, here is a review of those software providers.

New Game Providers at Online Betting Site QQ828

Before we talk about the new providers, let’s discuss first what the online casino providers are. These are independent gaming companies that specializes in certain gambling products. Some of them offers not only one type of gambling game but also covers sports betting, lottery, poker and horse racing.

Each will have some unique features to them just like the new online casino game and sports betting provider of QQ828.

New Game Providers at Online Betting Site QQ828
New Game Providers at Online Betting Site QQ828


WinningFT is an online betting company which specializes in sportsbook services. They offer their services in entire region of Asia. Licensed and accredited by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation in the Philippines, the company ensures that every bettors in Asia gain the best experience in sports betting.

The best thing about WinningFT is that it offers no problem and very different games for all its valued members and players. The company has been loved by its members because it offers excellent coverage of games and sporting events to customers.

WinningFT can accommodate around 30,000 bets a day. WinningFT offers more than 90 sports in which players can easily place their bets. WinningFT has thus become one of the best places for the best sports betting in the entire South East Asia region and also in the Asia-Pacific region.

WinningFT offers more than 70 sports and the website is known to cover many sporting events. Even the most famous football leagues are covered by WinningFT. From the NBA to the NFL and many other international football leagues, you can easily place your bets with WinningFT.

Sexy Casino

Sexy Casino is an online casino gaming provider that offers live dealer games. Unlike other casinos at the QQ828, they only offer two types of games namely Baccarat and Dragon Tiger. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your experience here.

All of their casino games are played with dealers that are wearing only bikinis. Some players might get a bit distracted by it, but do not let that ruin your focus on the games. The dealers are from different countries which enables you to see the beauty of each country.

You can play the Sexy Casino games for as low as a minimum of 1 coin up to 1000 which is really affordable. The only downside is that they only offer two types of casino games as mentioned above earlier.


Both of the new game providers at online betting site QQ828 are also available for mobile play. You can download or not through instant-play and enjoy their unique features. Register now and try those new games and receive your exclusive bonuses from QQ828.