Online Casino Promotions You Should Never Miss

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Online casino promotions is a way for many new casino site to promote and attract many customers. From welcome, free credits, lucky draw and extra bonus the new online Malaysia casino never runs out of exciting promotions. Definitely one of joining the best benefits of online casino Malaysia. These are the online casino promotions you should never miss on this new casino site.

Online Casino Promotions You Should Never Miss

Online Casino Promotions You Should Never Miss

Online Casino Promotions You Should Never Miss

Free Credits for New Members

The free credit for new members is a good way to review the games of the online Malaysia casino. Since it’s real money bet given to you, you will also win real money that can increase your bankroll. Because it’s a promotion, there are terms and conditions to qualify for it. Nonetheless, the free credits for new members is still a great promotion. So when you decide to join the new online Malaysia casino, make sure that you claim your free bet reward before it expires.

Chinese New Year Lucky Draw

Lucky draw or weekly reward point lucky draw is a promotion that can be partnered with other promotions at the site. As the name of it suggests, the online casino will be drawing random numbers from the list of players who submitted a lucky draw ticket. If a player has submitted a lot of those tickets, their chances to win the lucky draw is higher.

Since Chinese New Year is on its way, the site offers a special lucky draw promotion. On this special promo, instead of 30 lucky winners, there will be 60 winners. If you’re wondering where to get the tickets for this, it is simply on the promotion titled weekly rebates.

Extra Bonus

Want a promotion where you can withdraw anytime? Then the extra bonus is one that you need. Different variants of extra bonus can be found on the online Malaysia casino. There’s a 15x, 17x, and 30x turnover rate. Anything you choose from the extra bonus is withdrawable anytime. if you choose the 15x turnover, based on their example you’ll get almost MYR 3,750, at 17x is almost MYR 9,000 and with 30x you’ll get up to MYR 15,750.

In short, the extra bonus promotion is a good way to improve your bankroll. Remember that the bankroll is important in achieving the big wins. And by having this bonus, you can last longer in games.

Free VIP Level Upgrade

Do you ever want to experience the perks of VIP members but don’t have enough money to qualify for it? Then now is your chance to become Diamond level VIP and acquire its benefits. Because here at the new online Malaysia casino, they have a promotion where you get to level up VIP status for free. Join the promo, simply play at least once a month for real for 3 months regular members will be upgraded to Bronze, 6 months to Silver, 8 months to Gold, 12 months to Platinum, and so on.


Come and joint the online casino promotions you should never miss because these are limited time offer only. Note to self, read the terms before you join any of them so will know what to do later on.