Payouts in Online Baccarat Game

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Baccarat is one of the best game you can find both in land-based and online casinos. The game is quite simple. Yet, the payout you can get is very lucrative. Imagine the thrill and fun you can enjoy by playing an easy game and gain steady payouts in online baccarat game!

Payouts in Online Baccarat Game

Payouts in Online Baccarat Game

Payouts in Online Baccarat Game

The Banker Bet

Placing a wager on the Banker hand is the best and safest option when you play the baccarat game when it comes to the house edge. Most professional bettors and online betting websites would advise you to do it. The reason is that the Banker bet has a house edge of 1.06% which is one of the lowest house edges you can get among other online casino games. Your chance of winning is very big.

However, due to its undeniable benefit that every player can enjoy, the online casinos will reduce you even money payout with a 5% of commission rate. You can also say that winning the bet on the Banker hand will give you a 0.95 to one payout. Since the commission rate is not too high, placing a bet on this hand will still give you lucrative rewards for its high opportunity of winning.

The Player Bet

This bet is also a very good option that you can make while you are playing baccarat in an online casino. In fact, the chance of winning the bet on the Player hand is almost as high as the one of the Banker hand. There’s no reason to avoid placing a wager on this hand altogether. Just switch between both options, trust your gut feeling, and you can win a large sum of cash steadily. We can say that because the house edge of this bet is only 1.24%. This is still considered very low.

Since the house edge of the Player hand is a little bit higher than the one of the Banker bet, the online casinos do not take any commission rate if you win this bet. Therefore, you can enjoy a payout of even money. Thus, you should just place a bet on the Player hand if you think that it will make you win the game. You can see that both the Player and Banker hand will give you steady profits.

The Tie and Pair Bets

Now, we will discuss the riskier bets which can give you bigger payouts. Both bets will give you very lucrative rewards if you are lucky enough to win them. The Tie bet will give you a payout of eight to one in almost all online casinos. A few online casinos which employ the liberal tie rules can even give you a payout of nine to one if you win the bet. However, the house edge reaches 14.36%. The Pair bet will grant you a payout of ten to one, but you must be prepared to beat its 10.36% house edge!

Those are the payouts in online baccarat game. You see that you cannot gain a great reward if you do not take the risk. However, it is definitely up to you whether you want to risk your cash or not. If you aim to gain steady profits from baccarat, however, avoiding the tie and pair bets is a wise choice.