Rules When Playing Online Baccarat Game

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Baccarat game is well-known casino game since few years ago. Because of its popularity, many casino game developers create the online version of the game. Thus, you will find online baccarat easily at online casino in Malaysia. Online baccarat has simpler way of the game since the card is automatically distributed. However, it is also necessary to learn the rules when playing online baccarat game before starting to play the game.

Rules When Playing Online Baccarat Game

Rules When Playing Online Baccarat Game

Rules When Playing Online Baccarat Game

The Gameplay of Standard Baccarat

The gameplay of standard baccarat is similar with online baccarat. Banker has dealt the card face down while the other card for the player is also placed face down. Then, another two cards are distributed with the same manner. After that, the player checks the cards before passing it to the dealer. Next, the banker card is revealed followed by the player’s card. All the total point is stated. However, in some online casino game, the player does not have chance to check the cards.

Point Values of Online Baccarat

The main purpose of playing online baccarat is to place the bet on the hand with the highest possibility of having the value of the card close to 9. For both of players’ and bankers’ hand, face cards have no point value. Meanwhile, the value of Ace card is 1 while the other number card worth the same value as its number.

Example, if one of the hand has an eight of clubs and king of diamonds, the value of the card is 8 point. It works the same for any hand who has the collective hand with a value more than 10 points. Only the second digit which is counted.

How to Draws and Stands

Similar with blackjack, the first two cards distributed determine whether there will be third card or not. The rules of drawing and standing are simple when the player chooses player’s hand for betting since it is based on the first hand. Meanwhile, the banker’s hand is based on the third card.

Exceptions of the Rule

When a hand has cards with total value 8 or 9, it is called “natural”. The game is stopped when any hand has natural card. In addition, if player hand stands with the card valued 6 or 7, the banker is also supposed to stand if the value of the card is between 6 and 9.

Determining the Winner of Online Baccarat Game

As the purpose of the game, the winning hand is the hand with the value of 9 or close to 9. The winning hand will get all the bet while the losing hand will lose the bet. Meanwhile, the tie bet wins the game when banker and player hands tie. If tie hand win, the banker and player hands lose their bet.

The rules when playing online baccarat game is must be learnt together with the payouts in online baccarat game in order to play the game well. After learning and understanding the rule, the player can try to play the game and may try all the three bet.