Things You Should Know about OPUS Casino

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Beside comfort and easiness, bonuses and promotions are other interesting attributes for bettors to play in online casino than land based casino. You will see many interesting casino game providers on internet right now. Opus casino is one of great casino online. It is good to know things you should know about OPUS Casino.

Things You Should Know about OPUS Casino

Things You Should Know about OPUS Casino

Things You Should Know about OPUS Casino

What is OPUS casino?

Like other advance casino game developers, Opus casino is a great online casino game developer which built in 2009, precisely in Manila Philippine. For European and American bettors, OPUS is not as popular as other casino gambler like Playtech or Betsoft.

OPUS gains its popularity among Asia gambler. Regardless established in China, OPUS offers safe online casino games in Malaysia and exciting variety of casino game. Moreover, there are hundreds even thousands online casino site which use product from OPUS.

OPUS gains legal certificate from First Cagayan that regards as the first gambling jurisdiction and law in Asia. First Cagayan is a legal accredited Philippine institution who supervise gambling market and activity in Philippine. For your information, this institution is under and virtue by Philippine government.


Actually, OPUS offers similar casino game like other casino game developers. Blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette and slot game are common casino game in OPUS. Moreover, OPUS also provides casino games which is popular for Asian gamblers, Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger.

We will give explanation about particular products briefly. In baccarat game, you can place bet on standard options, the tie, the Banker and the player. Even though one table can deal with many bettors, you can choose to play one table for yourself. Uniquely, bettors can play at no-commission baccarat. Even though bettors win a half of bet and win with a hand score of 6, banker should pay the payout.

Bettors can play classic casino game, roulette. In OPUS, you only play on European version. It occurs because OPUS only provides European version with one zero pocket instead American with two zero pockets. Moreover, players can apply En Prison rule in OPUS.

Since Asia gamblers are the major numbers in OPUS, this bettors can play popular Asian casino game sic Bo. Bettors can play this dice game enjoy best gambling games at Malaysia live casino feature. Furthermore, you can choose to determine whether you choose dealer woman or man dealer.

Asian Bettors

For your information, OPUS is a developers which tend to focus on Asian gamblers or markets. One of the advantage is that the number of bettors who play online casino in Asian has increased rapidly. When you visit to the main page, you can see language options which show Asian language as the majority. Mandarin (Chinese), Bahasa (Indonesia) and Thai are the example of languages in OPUS. But it does not mean that OPUS only for Asian gamblers. OPUS use Englih as the main language in thei game.

Playing in online casino gives thrilling experience especially in famous casino game developers. After you know know things you should know about OPUS Casino, it will ensure you to invest much time and money in online casino.